Our Proven Practices(SM) Methodology

During the construction and operation of a rig or platform, defects are continually introduced through implementation activities (like system development or equipment installation), and then identified and removed through quality assurance activities (such as FAT, Commissioning, Acceptance Testing and Ongoing Audits).

Our proprietary Proven PracticesSM Methodology ensures that:

  • The right quality assurance activities are conducted at the right time in the rig or platform lifecycle
  • Each assurance activity is intended to identify and measure the risk that a defect will cause a rig system failure

Our methodology:

  • Leverages our experience working on more than 90 rigs and risk assessment techniques drawn from major international standards
  • Enables faster risk identification, more cost-effective remediation, and a measurable return on investment.
  • Includes a powerful combination of activity checklists and evaluation checklists; these enable us to provide insight into the effectiveness of preparation activities and whether test coverage and execution adequately validated or verified your requirements.
  • Includes a Real-Time Risk AssessmentSM Scorecard that gives all stakeholders a view of the status and improvement of risk levels based on key criteria. As a result, immediate remediation and continuous improvement efforts can be prioritized.

For more information about our Proven Practices Methodology and how it enables us to deliver he highest-quality rig assurance services in the industry, please contact us.